Why Choose Lynne?

Lynne has been where most of her clients have been. She has held leadership roles in the manufacturing environment, both commercial and government, and the financial services arena. She has experienced their frustrations (why won’t my people do what they are supposed to do?), their fears (how do I hold them accountable and still keep their trust?), and their successes (we met our goals and built our team!).

She has had the opportunity to add value to all types of organizations (for profit, non-profit and public institutions) in all parts of the world — the United States, the Middle East, and South America. She works with all levels within the organization: from those who do the day to day work to those who lead the organization.

How Clients Experience Lynne

Lynne likes to flip switches in her clients’ mind-sets. She is informal. She listens. She keeps it simple. She is authentic with her clients in order to “be an instrument of change” for her clients. She is direct in her feedback. She makes the implicit explicit. She is irreverent.

Her clients tell her she is an excellent communicator, direct and clear and honest, while still maintaining her client’s dignity. She has a sense of humor and never takes herself too seriously. But she does take her clients seriously.

She uses theoretical models based on sound business research and translates these into practical processes for leaders to build a collaborative culture.

Many times, she answers clients’ questions with questions because she believes her clients have the answers – she is just a guide to help them discover who they are as leaders. She feels that questions become the catalyst for her clients to reflect on their behaviors and become more self aware so that they can make informed and intentional choices as a leader.

Lynne works best with people who share the following traits:

You are willing to align your team with the company culture and goals.

You are committed to becoming a leader and learning more about yourself in the process.

You believe that success comes through “the voices of your employees,” not just the voices of a select few.

You believe that people “own what they help to create.”

You believe in “going slow to go fast.” Lasting cultural change does not occur overnight — it takes time, and discipline, and relentless execution!

You are willing to step out of your comfort zone. In order to grow, you need to try on new thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Become one of Lynne’s many satisfied clients – let her show you how she can support your organization! Contact her today to get started.