Leadership Coaching

Lynne was a phenomenal coach to me as a member of a senior management team! She really helped me focus on my strengths as well as focus on my needs, fundamentally helping me succeed during a major transformation of the organization’s senior team! She, through her coaching, helped me set the stage for my department’s phenomenal success and brought a great many resources to light. Resources and information I continue to use today! I consider her coaching to be an incredible asset to any individual and organization!
Executive Vice President, National Non Profit Organization

Organization Development

Lynne Brown was instrumental in our success following a complicated merger.  She worked with organization leaders to help them through the change management journey and provided individual and group coaching. Lynne also worked with the senior leadership team, clarifying roles and strengthening our communication processes.

As CEO, I rely on Lynne’s objective insights to help me lead and guide the organization through change and growth. She takes the time to understand our business and offers practical steps to address challenges and leverage opportunities.  She is knowledgeable and experienced in organizational change and truly cares about the individuals she works with.

CEO Multi City Non-Profit Organization

Training and Development

Lynne is very open and transparent about her self-knowledge and is vulnerable in discussing her own path in learning and development. She brings forth ideas and insight gained from her own reading, discovery and experiences and shares new information and thoughts each time we have a discussion. Lynne is very receptive to feedback and each time our interaction relates to her serving our needs as a client she earnestly requests constructive criticism in order to better her performance. As stated earlier, Lynne is constantly reading, studying, networking with other professionals as a lifelong learner and to ensure her own growth and development. She frequently shares ideas from a book she is reading, she offers suggestions based on new material she has studied and offers her own experiences from trying methods she has learned from her own development research. Lynne is very committed to development and growth of others. Last year she conducted training courses for a few groups of employees at my company. She went beyond the scope of the assignment and met afterward with key management to share insights she gained from the participants that were an indicator of ongoing development needs. From that initial training work Lynne is helping us to form a leadership development core team to promote growth and advancement across functional silos. In addition, a few participants in Lynne’s “Making Great Leaders” Covey Workshop that she performed appeared to need additional counsel and advice on their development plans. Lynne was not paid to perform any additional consulting with these individuals, but she offered her time in follow-up teleconferences to help them fine-tune their individual development plans.
Former Director, Human Resources, Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

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