Senior Vice President, Aerospace Manufacturing

16 Feb

I have had the pleasure to engage with Lynne Brown on multiple separate occasions to provide contract organizational development services. These OD engagements have varied from team forming/team development, teambuilding, establishing organizational mission and vision statements, establishing norms, roles and responsibilities and, recently, professional/executive coaching.

During the nearly 20 years I have contracted and worked with Lynne (for three different companies) I have developed respect and appreciation for Lynne’s style and approach to each project, the participants and the scope of the engagement. She is a very quick study, is intuitive, is exceptionally respectful of the stakeholders and has consistently delivered the results I have expected (and was hoping to achieve).

Most recently, I engaged Lynne to assist one of my senior directors who was struggling to work effectively with his subordinates. This effort involved conducting a deep dive (individual interviews, group work and individual/personal coaching). This effort was a complete success and has remarkably improved the operational performance of the group while reducing employee turnover.

In each engagement, Lynne has employed a variety of personality and behavioral assessment tools (Myers Briggs, FIRO-B, etc.) as well as practical group exercises (square rope, personal shields, etc.) to help participants better understand how their personality styles and behaviors affect outcomes and success.

Senior Vice President, Aerospace Manufacturing