Director, Heavy Equipment Distributor

1 Jul

We hired Lynne to help our management group learn to work better together to benefit from the many skills and talents that we collectively represent. In the end, this group exercise was astonishingly successful and our performance and ability to work together has improved exponentially. As part of this process Lynne worked with each of us individually. I have had some experience with executive coaches and industrial psychologists in the past and I have found all of these experiences beneficial. My experiences and work with Lynne was of more value than my past work due to her style and methodology.

Lynne spent time and energy understanding me in and out of the context of my work. She did interview the people I work with but also asked me a number of very probing questions that gave me an opportunity to stand in a different place and view the subjects at hand from a different perspective. I suspect that Lynne’s style and effectiveness comes from a combination of formal training, life experiences and the courage to look life “in the eye.” Lynne has a great sense of humor, a true interest in helping her clients “voices be heard” and a unique ability to help people understand their value and opportunity to make a difference in their work and life.

I am better for my work with Lynne. Although I still occasionally joust with windmills, I do it less……. I am more focused on what is important. I am more effective at my work and ultimately more appreciative of the life I am living and the many wonderful fellow travelers on this journey. Lynne helped me see a different way to use my abilities, skills and beliefs and I am grateful to have worked with her.

I would recommend Lynne Brown to any individual or group that has a serious interest in looking at themselves with the goal of understanding their value. My work with Lynne has shown me that this is the real foundation of improvement in the traditional and non- traditional things we want to change/improve in our lives.

Director, Heavy Equipment Distributor