Executive Coaching

Coaching may address:

  • Transforming from a manager to an executive as delineated by Michael Watkins:
    • Specialist to Generalist
    • Analyst to integrator
    • Tactician to Strategist
    • Bricklayer to Architect
    • Problem solver to Agenda Setter
    • Warrior to Diplomat
    • Supporting Cast Member to Lead Role
  • Specific leadership competencies
  • Professional development
  • Other areas of focus and value as indicated by leaders and their organization
  • Other coaching services may include assessments, surveys, data reviews, team observation, values clarification, dialogue, enhancing distinctions, identifying plans of action, examining assumptions and habits, asking clarifying questions, enhancing the use of empowering language, engaging in self-awareness exercises and behavioral practices, and other developmental strategies.
  • Conflict mediation

Goal Setting

Leaders agree to establish with Lynne their goals for the engagement at the start of the engagement.

These will include the goals and issues that leaders would like addressed through coaching and the desired results that they would like to achieve through the coaching relationship.

Upon completion of the coaching sessions, the coaching outcomes will be assessed against the established goals.

Lynne’s Coaching Process

Throughout the working relationship, Lynne will engage in purposeful conversations which further leaders’ desired goals and outcomes.

Leaders can count on Lynne to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. They can also count on Lynne offering challenges and requests that will stretch them. She will help them increase their self-awareness while bringing objectivity and accountability to the relationship.

Through insightful questions and direct feedback, she will help her clients transform as leaders and human beings.

Tools and Processes

Below are tools and processes that Lynne may use in her coaching process based on the individual needs of the client:

  • Myers-Briggs/FIRO B Leadership Report
  • Interviews with stakeholders, customized online assessments, “off the shelf” 360
  • Assessments such as Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Practices Inventory, Center for Creative Leadership’s Executive Dimensions
  • EQ Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Thomas Kilman Conflict Assessment
  • Ongoing leadership coaching for specific skill development