Listening is the key to everything.

17 Jul
Listening is the key to everything: building trust, resolving conflict, finding solutions, and on and on. Check out this excerpt from the HBR article The Power of Listening by Itzchakov and Kluger, May 2018. Listening seems to make an employee more relaxed, more ... Read more »

Your Leadership Challenge

19 May
Hello everyone, During this “virtual moving to hybrid workplace culture to what’s next,” it is so important to remember that you, as a leader, will create the culture you want through your intentional leadership practices. Following is a reminder of ... Read more »

Communicating in UncommunicativeTimes

18 Nov
Many clients are challenged in how best to communicate with their team members now. Many team members are also challenged because they feel “out of touch” with their leaders. Here are some excellent communication ideas for you from Kim Scott’s Radical Candor. ... Read more »

24 Years!

19 Oct
Hello! I have just been reminded by LinkedIn that I have had my leadership coaching and team development business for 24 years. Honestly this surprised me and is a miracle. I have deep gratitude for all of you who have ... Read more »