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According to Jim Collins in his best-selling book, Good To Great, successful leaders understand that leadership is equally about creating a climate where the truth is told and the brutal facts confronted.

These leaders create a culture wherein people have an opportunity to be heard, and, ultimately, for the truth to be stated.

When Lynne Brown first meets with her clients, here are some of the stories she hears:

I don’t know why I can’t get my employees to just tell me the truth.
I don’t know why my staff seems to keep the bad news from me — I am always the last to know.
Why is it that we don’t seem to trust one another on our team?
Why do my employees get defensive when I ask for their opinions?
Why do people seem hesitant to talk to me?
Why don’t my staff members give me their ideas instead of waiting to hear what I think?

Do any of these stories sound familiar to you? If so, Lynne can help you build a culture “where every voice is heard”. By doing so, the realities of the business can be faced, allowing the organization to improve and grow.

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What makes Lynne unique from others I have worked with is that she doesn’t tell you what to do, she leads you to identify the opportunities. She challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and truly see other perspectives – uncovering unconscious biases and the stories in our own heads. Lynne provides tools, insights and exercises that reinforce what you as a leader are working to develop. Her approach meets you where you are and provides the support, tools, and reflection to create growth. Because I have utilized Lynne through these roles, I believe I have:

  • Strengthened my ability to self-reflect, increasing my own self-awareness greatly
  • Learned to navigate difficult situations with tremendous skill
  • Cultivate a culture that builds high performing teams
  • Developed my skills in a thoughtful way that has allowed me to be more effective in delivering measurable results
  • Allowed me to help others develop and grow
  • Helped me be a visionary and take my team on a journey to be all we can be
  • Learn the most through change and increase my own resiliency

My nickname for Lynne is Yoda, because she has the unique ability and seasoned expertise to allow you to reach your full potential as a leader and to utilize that force for good to help your team develop and help an organization achieve its’ vision. The ripple effect of Lynne’s work is immeasurable.

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